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Submachine Series Explore the machine rooms and find your way out with these exciting series of room escape games. Find some answers to help you escape the rooms.

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Post [Walkthrough] - Submachine The Light House

Submachine: The Lighthouse - WALKTHROUGH

Game Link:
Submachine: The Lighthouse - OnlineGames.Net - Play Free Games Online


1. Click the game machine to zoom in. There are rocks behind it, click the small red circle in between the two rocks on the right. That’s your first secret .

2. Next go all the way to the left and go up the stairs.

3. On the floor near the left pillar of the entrance to the next room, there is a small cog wheel. Pick it up. (Small Grey Circlet)

4. There is also another secretin this room. On the chair to the right, there is a small red pearl like object at the left corner of the seating area of that chair. Take it.

5. Now go down and right once. You will see a stand with a C shape at the top. Drag the wisdom gem into the middle of that C shape. Once placed something should move upwards.

6. On the top of the antenna looking device, there is a white pearl looking item. Click it and it will drop down a ladder in the room on your right.

7. Now go right twice. Click the phonograph on the floor to zoom in on it. Drag the cog wheel into the small square slot on the left of the phonograph.

8. Once slotted, press the circle button on the right of the phonograph. This will then drop another ladder upstairs. Press the bottom to zoom out of the phonograph.

9. Next go left once and up the ladder. Then go right and you will see an electronic device. On the bottom left corner of this device you will see a rectangle shaped slot. Click it and remember the value of C. (C=?)

10. Now go back to the left and go up the ladder. You will see a sewer entrance on the left. Go inside and go to the very end of that pipe. There is a key at the end on the left. Take it.

11. Go up the ladder once and click the top right to go the right. Click on the small entrance looking hole on the right. You will see the fork. Take it.

12. There is another secret at the view of where you took the fork. On the top right there are two dark red bricks resting between the two on the left is another small red pearl looking item. Take it.

13. Go back to the left where the ladders are and go up. Then go to the left and take the stairs twice upwards. On the way to the top you will come across a pile of rubble. At the bottom left of the rubble you can see another red pearl looking item. Take it.

14. Once you have taken that secret go up to the top and go to the very right. There is another secret) on the middle right of the rubble resting on the triangle tile that is next to one of the metal lintels.

15. Now go to the left once. There is a circular stand holding pamphlets. Take one.

16. Next zoom in on the picture. You will see an arrow pointing to the middle window of that picture. Click the right end of that arrow to zoom in once again. There is a doted code. Take note of it as you will need it later.

17. Zoom all the way out of the picture and then go left. Press the button to switch on the light. There is another secret lying on the top of that light, on the right-middle side. Click the red pearl looking item.

18. Go left 3 times. You will see two doors. Switch on the light once again. Click the door knob on the left door to go inside.

19. On the left there is a book shelf. On the second top section there is a piece of paper sticking out from all the books. Click it to get the Cat note, and then leave the room.

20. Use the key you got in the sewers on the door on the right to unlock it. Go in.

21. In the middle of the wall in that room there is a key hanging on the key hanger. Take it.

22. Now exit the room and go to the right once. Go all the way down the stairs, then to your right, and then down.

23. Use the sewer key you got from the toilet on the lock on the left. Once opened, go inside.

24. Once in the sewer go left, then down, and then right to get another key. (In the top pipe)

25. Now go left once, then up, then left twice, then down. On your right you should see another secret. (Red pearl looking item) Take it.

26. Now go up. Then left 6 times to find another secret!

27. Next go right twice, then down, and right. Take the Positive coil lying there.

28. Now follow these instructions carefully; go left, up, right twice, down twice, right twice, down, then right, and up. This should take you to a red room with 3 secrets and the Letter to Liz.

29. The Letter to Liz is on the left corner of the room. Two of the ‘secrets’ are right above the entrance from where you came. One on the right and one on the left. (The red pearl looking items) The other ‘secret’ is in on the right where there is a small slot in the wall.

30. Once you have gotten The Letter to Liz and all 3 ‘secrets’, go down, then left, then down, then left, then up. In this room you should see a long horizontal pipe with the glass taken off a slot. Take the Switch Handle.

31. Once you have taken the Switch Handle, go down, then left twice, up once, then right. Solve the puzzle; to do this all of the lights must be lit. Unfortunately I am not able to tell you how but it was not difficult.

32. Once you have solved the puzzle it is finally time to leave the sewers. These are the directions to get out follow them directly. Go left, then up, then right three times, go up twice, then right all the way until you are finally out of the sewage.

33. Now go up, then up the ladder once more. Switch on the light then go into the small passage way on the top right hand corner.

34. Once inside go right once more and you should see a console and another pile of rubble to the right. Drag the switch handle you got previously on the console. Once the switch handle has been dragged on, activate it.

35. Now get out of there by going left twice. Now go down, then left. In this room there is a secret. Following from the right bottom corner tile on the right side of the entrance towards the stairs, count four tiles up, and from there count eight tiles from the entrance frame right. Click the tile to reveal another secret. Take it.

36. Once you have the ‘secret’ item, go up the stairs all the way. Then go right once and go through the metal passage. There is a negative coil on the bottom left side, take it.

37. Once you have the negative coil, go up twice and drag the 2nd floor key from your inventory onto the door to unlock it.

38. Click the door to enter.

39. After entering go left once and click the typewriter to zoom in. Now take the diary 2 note from the typewriter.

40. Now go left once again. You should see the movie memory item on a drawer next to the pile of rubble. Take it.

41. Now go right three times. You should see a glowing green light. Click it and enter the dotted code from before. Once completed press the green button to activate the code, this will then open a compartment on the console when you zoom out. It contains a light bulb. Take it.

42. Once you have the light bulb go to your right. Once in the room you should see a moving object on the drawer next to the bed. (The object only moves when you move your mouse) Click the object to zoom in. Get all the ‘secrets’ on the object. You will need to play around with the object to get the items as it tends to move away from your cursor.

43. After taking the secret items from the object, take the ‘note to myself’ item that is in between the pillow and folded bed sheets.

44. Once you have the note proceed to the left twice to get back to the metal door. Exit it and go down twice then leave through the passage way.

45. Now go left to go all the way down the stairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs go to the left.

46. On the left you should see a movie camera. Drag the light bulb and the movie memory into the movie camera.

47. Once this is done, click the switch on the movie camera then click the projection lens on the movie camera to see an image. In the image take the ID card located in between the pills and white block.

48. Once you have the ID card proceed back to the room with the stairs on the right and go all the way back up.

49. Then go to the right and through the metal passage once again.

50. Now go all the way up to the top.

51. Drag the fork on to the broken wire on the upper left to continue the current.

52. Once the fork has been placed, flip the switch on the console. This will then lower down a ladder.

53. Now go to the room on the left and go up. There is a console at the top. Zoom in on it and enter that code. The code is e=mc^2. That would be E equals M times C (squared). You should have C from before. (Step 9.) You can find ‘M’ in your Diary. If ‘M’ was 558 and C was ‘2’. “An example of it would be; E = 558 x 2^2. The answer for the example would be 558 x 4 which equals to 2232. E = 2232.“

54. Once you have calculated this enter the full amount (4-digit code) into the console.

55. After this has been done, go back down and go all the way to the very right. Then go up the ladder.

56. There is a ‘secret’ lying on the wire that powers the light in the middle. Take it.

57. After taking the secret click the console at the top to zoom in on it. Here, the objective is to click the four buttons in such a way that all of the metal arms touch the middle and conduct electricity. (The red circles turn green when it is connected. Make all 4 red circles green)

58. Now go down and then left and then go up the ladder twice.

59. In the middle there are two slots in the wall on either side of the ladder. Although not very visible they are there. (Look for the vertical rectangle that has a diagonal line drawn at the bottom of that rectangle.) There is a ‘secret’ if you go all the way to the very left. Take it.

60. Once you have the secret go to the very right. Inside that room you should see two slots for your positive and negative coils. Drag them into their respected slots.

61. Now go left twice to go back into the room with the ladder. Once there, go all the way up to the room with the giant light bulb.

62. In this room you should see another ‘secret’ by the left of the cables on the floor. Take it.

63. At the top right there is a Portal Note nailed to the wall. Take it.

64. Now go to your left and drag the ID card and slot it into the horizontal bullet shaped contraption with a red light.

65. Then go to the very right and in the pile of rubble you should see the dig out key in it. Take it.

66. Now go left and down the ladders all the way to the bottom where there is the entrance to the yellow rooms.

66. Enter the yellow rooms and go to the very left. You should see a square cut area on the wall that is locked. Use the dig out key from the giant light bulb room on the lock.

67. Once opened enter.

68. Go left twice and you should see the very last ‘secret’ item. Take it.

69. Now go left once again and you should be in a room with a shovel and other equipment. On the floor on the piece of cardboard you should see a fuse. Take it.

70. Now go back to the room with the giant light bulb. Remember how to go there? Right three times, go through the shaft’s entrance, go right three times once again, and go into the metal entranced room. Once there, go all the way to the top.

71. Once in the room with the giant light bulb, go to the right and drag the fuse into the second horizontal bullet shaped contraption with a red light.

72. Go right to the giant light bulb and pull the switch at the base of the light bulb.

73. Congratulations the game is finally complete!

By far this has been the longest room escape game I have ever played. It has really astounding amount of content and puzzles. Had lots of very interesting aspects and was unexpectedly enjoyable. A very challenging room escape, so much so that I would rather call it Labyrinth escape. Simply a great addition to the Submachine series. I would recommend it to those who like really challenging room escape games.

Please leave a comment to let me know whether my guides and FAQs helped you cheat your way through easily. And if you have further questions feel free to leave your question on the comment section and I will reply as soon as I can. Also Please Rate!

To see my other Walkthroughs for steps, hints and solutions for other room escape games such as these check out my profile.
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