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Neutral Escape Games From the maker of Sphere, Vision and Switch, Neutral. We bring you the walkthroughs to play the game.

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Default [Walkthrough] - Sphere






Inventory – The sidebar on the right of the screen containing all the items obtained through the game.

Examine – To examine items in the inventory, click on the item to get a close up.

Grab/Obtain – Grab/obtain the item by clicking on it.

Item Info – The button on the bottom left corner of the screen that allows you to examine items.

Save – Save the game by pressing the save button located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Use – Using an item requires you to click the desired item in the inventory and then dragging it onto the item you wish to use it with.


In order of the items obtained chronologically through this walkthrough.

1. Crumpled Piece of Paper

2. Green Key

3. Screwdriver

4. Green Sphere

5. Lump of Dirt

6. White Sphere

7. Key

8. Screws

9. Grey Sphere

10. Picture of a Cat

11. Blue Pole

12. White Sphere

13. Red Pencil

14. Green Sphere

15. White Box

16. White Sphere

17. Empty Glass Cup

18. Picture of a Duck

19. Red Sphere

20. Toilet Key

21. Cup of Water

22. Cup of Mud

23. Frog

24. Green Sphere

25. Wooden Piece

26. Grey Sphere

27. Piece of Toilet Roll

28. Wet Piece of Toilet Roll

29. Blue Key

30. Red Sphere

31. Picture of the Wooden Balance


1. Click on the white desk, click on the right of the white desk and grab the crumpled piece of paper.

2. Click on the last drawer and key in the code found from the crumpled piece of paper. Or follow the image below. Grab the green key.

3. Exit the screen, use the green key on the second top drawer of the white desk and grab the screwdriver.

4. Exit the white desk, turn right once and click on the plant. Grab the green sphere on the leaves and grab the lump of dirt in the soil.

5. Click the left side of the plant and click on the metal grate. Grab the white sphere, use the screwdriver on the metal grate and grab the key and screws.

6. Click on the table next to the pot to grab the grey sphere and a picture of a cat, note the colour of the frame (the colour is random).

7. Click on the couch, click on the left cushion and grab the blue pole and white sphere. Click below the couch to obtain the red pencil.

8. Exit the couch, click on the lamp on the right to grab the green sphere and white box.

9. Exit the lamp and turn right once. Click on the brown desk and grab the white sphere. Open the lower drawer and obtain the empty glass cup.

Use the key on the top drawer and obtain a picture of a duck and note the colour of the picture (the colour is random).

Exit the brown desk and turn right twice. Click on the desk and then click on the red book. Use the red pencil on the torn page and note the colour of the box (the colour is random).

Exit the book and click on the bottom of the white desk. Examine the white box and click on the top and bottom of the box to punch a small and big hole into the box. Use the white box on the light on the floor and note the colour of the picture (the colour is random).

13. Exit the white desk and click on the hanging plant. Use the blue pole on the hanging plant to obtain the red sphere.

14. While zoomed in on the hanging plant notice the hidden panel at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on this hidden panel and key in the coloured pictures you found e.g. orange flower, green butterfly, red cat and blue duck (this example only works for me because the colours for every game are random). If done correctly, grab the key.

15. Exit the hidden panel and turn left once to face the door. Use the toilet key on the door.

16. Go through the door and click on the tap to turn the water on. Use the empty glass cup on the water to obtain a cup of water. Examine the cup of water and use the lump of dirt on it to obtain a cup of mud.

17. Use the cup of mud on the sink to empty it. Examine the empty glass cup and grab the frog.

18. Click on plant to zoom in and grab the green sphere on the leaves. Grab the wooden piece and grey sphere. Click on the toilet roll holder to obtain a piece of toilet roll.

19. Click on the tap to turn the water on. Use the piece of toilet roll on the flowing water to obtain a wet piece of toilet roll.

Exit the toilet, turn left and click on the brown desk. Click on the top drawer, use the wooden piece on the wooden balance. Click the bottom part of the wooden balance to lift it up and use the screws on holes to screw the wooden piece in. This balance will be used later on to solve a puzzle.

Exit the brown desk and turn left once. Click on the plant, click on the left side of the plant and use the wet piece of toilet roll on the smudge on the pot. Note the number 3675.

22. Turn right twice to return to the toilet. Go inside the toilet, click on the blue coded box and key in 3675. Grab the blue key and the red sphere.

23. Exit the toilet and turn right once to face the white desk. Click on the white desk and use the blue key on the top drawer. Click on the book and obtain a picture of the wooden balance.

24. Exit the white desk and turn left twice. Click on the small painting on the wall. Use the frog statue on the red flowers in the middle of the painting and click on it to open a new panel (read the blue book from the white desk to know why the frog is used here).

25. To solve the puzzle; either go back to the wooden balance and solve the equations by placing various spheres to balance it OR follow the image below. Click on the black button at the top to activate the code.

26. Exit the panel and use the blue pole on the new panel in the ceiling. Click on the ladder to make your escape.

You win the game.

Personal Thoughts

Sphere is another great room-escape brought to us by the famous Neutral. If you’ve played any of Neutrals other works then you’ll know that Neutral keeps its game up with Sphere. Everything is well done here, from the pleasing graphics, signature sound effects and it themed puzzles. However I must say that the game isn’t particularly challenging despite it being rated a 2 star by Neutral for difficulty, the same rating as RGB which I found much harder. Overall, a great room-escape with very little to no flaws.

Leave a comment and rate my thread you cheats! If this guide didn't help then no amount of tips are gonna help unless... you comment and ask
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