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Crimson Room You wake up to find out that you are trapped in a room. Can you figure out how to get out? Find the walkthough here.

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Post [Walkthrough] - The Crimson Room



Crimson Room - OnlineGames.Net - Play Free Games Online



Inventory – The side bar containing items you pick up

Use – Using an item requires you to click the desired item in the inventory and then clicking the item you wish to use it with.


In order of the items obtained chronologically through this walkthrough.

1. Ring

2. CD Case

3. Note

4. Cassette Tape

5. Battery

6. Key

7. Gold Key

8. Metal Stick

9. Silver Key

10. Ring

11. Power Chord

12. Small Box

13. Grey Key

14. Screwdriver


1. Click the yellow table followed by the bowl. Grab the ring inside.

2. Click away from the bowl. Click on the left drawer and grab the CD case.

3. Click on the right drawer and grab the note. It leads to this URL
FASCO-CS needed later on in the game.

4. Click below the yellow table. Grab the cassette tape.

5. Click on the yellow table again. In the same screen, click on the red wall on the left side.

6. In the screen with the empty red wall, click carefully on the bottom left corner of the wall. Done correctly, it will lead you to the right edge of the bed. Grab the battery.

7. Click on the bed. Click on the pillow. Grab the gold key.

8. With the pillow in the air, click carefully on the very bottom corner shadow touching the yellow part of the bed (do not click on the shadow of the pillow). If done correctly, it will lead to a gap in the bed. Grab the metal stick.

9. Click on the red wall at the top left corner. You will now be at the curtain screen.

10. Click on the curtain. It will open and reveal a key on the ledge. Grab the silver key.

11. In the same screen, repeatedly open and close the curtain 2-3 times. If done correctly, it will lead to an area beneath the curtain. Grab the ring.

12. Click on the curtain. Click on the left side of the red wall. Returning you to the yellow table screen. Click the yellow table once more. Use the gold key on the bottom left drawer of the table. Grab the power chord.

13. Use the silver key on the bottom right drawer of the table. Grab the small box.

14. Click on the CD player. Use the power chord on the CD player. Turn the CD player on by clicking the top left button on the CD player. A blue light will glow. Click on the CD slot and it should open, revealing a key. Grab the grey key.

15. Click on the small red box in the side bar. You will enter into a screen with only the small red box. Use the two rings on the round holes on the box. The two rings should fit into their respective holes.

16. Use the metal stick straight lined hole on the box. If done correctly, the box will open once you click on it.

17. With the box open, use the battery on the slot to the right of the battery inside the box.

18. Use the cassette tape on the empty rectangular slot in the middle of the box. If done correctly, the box should be outfitted with 2 batteries and a cassette tape. Click on the lens.

19. A video will play. Wait for it to end. Click on the cross shape indicated by the dancing shadow. Click on the area three times and a rectangle on the wall will be revealed.

20. Click the rectangle. Click on the safe. Click on this URL to reveal the safe code FASCO-CS

Inside the URL, there is a desk with 4 blue cards. Click on the desk and all the blue cards. It will reveal the safe code.

22. Input the safe code. Use the grey key on the safe (The code may sometimes fail to open the safe. If so, refresh the page and redo all the steps.). If done correctly, the safe will open and you can grab the screwdriver.

23. Click on the red wall on the right side of the screen. With the blue door in sight, click on it. Finally, use the screwdriver on the door knob. If done correctly, the door knob should fall off.
Click on the hole and you win the game.

Personal Thoughts

The game begins with the main character (never shown) talking about last night’s events and how he must escape from this room. While there is no background music whatsoever, the game manages to create a creepy atmosphere. Why are you trapped inside this room and how do you get out? The game provides a decent challenge to first timers in the room escape genre; veterans will still have fun figuring out the room. The game is quite old, dating back to 2004 but nonetheless a classic. A great game I’d recommend to anybody willing to use their brains.

Leave a comment and rate my thread you cheats! If this guide didn't help then no amount of tips are gonna help unless... you comment and ask

Click the link below to play the game!
Crimson Room - OnlineGames.Net - Play Free Games Online
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