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Default Walkthrough

First, go to the radiator and click all around and inside it till you get up close and see what seems to be a gray Lego piece thingy? Whatever it is… take it. Now face the picture frame and look in the cracks in the floor to find a piece of paper sticking up. Grab it. Go in the bottom drawer of the dresser and grab the card. Then try all four of the big tall doors until one opens. Now… in this room… go over to the jacket and click right on the arm of the jacket. Then get the paper from the pocket. Next, go over to the radiator in this room and grab that piece. Now go over to the fireplace and click right on the left side of the cage thingy rapidly until you zoom in on it. Then get the other piece. Then, click on the phone to get that piece and watch it form a box. Go to the couch and look under the pillows until you get a card. Take the box and put it in the slot thingy right next to the door by the jacket and it will slide down. Go into that door. Click the bottom drawer of the file cabinet and get the paper. Click right under the desk and get the piece of paper by the chair. Go over to the grandfathers clock and at the right view you can move the hour handle! Set it to 6 O’ Clock then grab the box that appears at the bottom of the clock. Click the lamp post to get another card. Then over on the bookcase on the second shelf (going down) look all of the way on the right to see a humungous purple book. Click it and grab the other card. Take the newly found box and put it in the slot on this door and it will slide down too, just like the last. Then go in the door. This new room is upside-down! Not a problem! Get the picture thingy lying on the ground there right by the door and then go through that door. Oh no! Back at the first room? Well that’s actually a good thing! Go over to the picture frame again and click it. Enter: “72273” How did I figure out the code? Look closely at the bottom of that picture you got! “SCAPE” Look at a phone, see the letters on it? I think you get it now. Open the safe and get the box. Now, go back to that room. Hey! It’s not upside-down anymore! Hooray! Go over to the night-table and click in the open cabinet thingy. Grab the paper. Lift the pillow on the bed (CLASSIC! It’s in like every game!) and get the card. Now go under the dresser blocking the way and put the box in that slot. It slides… AGAIN. Now click the dresser doors and you’re in the next room… yay! Now… before you turn to a different view… click all in the empty spaces on that big white thing. Get the card. Click the cabinet doors and close them… click inside the OTHER white empty spaces and get the cross-like-object. Click the cross. Enter the cards like this:
Click it and ta-da (again)! It turns into a box! Yay! By the way… the 1 may not look like a one… it’s a roman numeral, it looks something like an I so make sure you don’t get confused. Use your newly created box and put it in the slot next to THIS door. It slides down (what a coincidence). Then click the door and go up the stairs. Get the final piece of the letter hanging on the door. Click the piece you just got and the letter comes together. Read it… it may be a bit shocking… but now you’ll understand why the house was so weird. Click the letter and… congrats! You WIN!!!

Written and Played By: Anthony Masone
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