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1 Way Having fallen asleep inside a classroom, you are locked in with no obvious way out. Use your wits and leave the classroom! Get some help here.

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Default [Walkthrough] - 1 Way






Inventory – The side bar containing items you pick up

Grab – Click an item to grab it and keep it in your inventory.

Use – Using an item requires you to click the desired item in the inventory and then clicking the item you wish to use it with.


In order of the items obtained chronologically through this walkthrough, - you being with the CD case in possession.

1. Nail

2. Empty Box of Matches

3. Yellow Key

4. Pencil

5. Thin Cord

6. Gold Key

7. Empty Bottle

8. Blue Key

9. Match

10. Calculator

11. Note in the Safe

12. Bottle of Water

13. Red Key

14. Sharp Scissors

15. Soda

16. Vinegar

17. Granite

18. Bright Green Liquid


1. Grab the nail on the table.

2. Grab the empty box of matches below the desk on the right.

3. Go left and grab the yellow key from the nearest plant.

4. Grab the pencil from the next plant.

5. Click on the furthest plant and grab the thin cord.

6. Go left and use the gold key on the big cabinet drawer. Grab the empty bottle inside.

7. Go left and click on the piano. Click on the piano keys until you find the broken sounding key. Use the nail on it and grab the blue key inside it.

8. Go right and the locked cabinet with a key code. Set your computer’s time to 00:00 or 12:00AM. If your computer’s time is exactly 12AM the code will be 0. (For those interested in busting this code, the formula on the blackboard is used to decode it.)

9. Grab the match and calculator inside.

10. Go right to the screen with plants. Use the nail on the crack in the floor. 4 numbers will appear, 6593. Click on the calculator in your inventory and key 6593 in.

11. The wall in the screen with plants will open, so grab the note in the safe.

12. Go left and use the empty bottle on the tap. You will obtain a bottle of water.

13. Go left twice and click the vent on the top left corner. A countdown will begin so use the bottle of water on the fire. Grab the red key and sharp scissors.

14. Go back to the tap and refill the bottle. Use the red key on the multi-coloured lock on top of the tap. This should activate the lock. Follow and click the sequence of colours that blink (the difficulty will progressively rise). Grab the soda and vinegar.

15. Go left once and use the scissors on the red flowers. Use the red flower on the bottle of water.

16. Use the soda on the bottle of water.

17. Use the vinegar on the bottle of water.

18. Use the scissors on the pencil to obtain granite.

19. Use the granite on the bottle of water. You now have a bright green liquid.

20. Go left twice and use the bright green liquid on the door.

21. Use the thin cord on the bright green liquid.

22. Finally, use the match on the empty box of matches and use it on the rope.

You win the game.

Personal Thoughts

1 Way is an interesting game for those who like crunching numbers. Room-escape games generally don’t have many math intensive puzzles however this game proves to be the exception. Inside the game lies a blackboard with a curious algebraic equation designed to irritate you or empower the mathematically gifted. Other than that, the puzzles are interesting without being too complex. The visuals are decent and the audio, likewise. A good game for those who enjoy math but I warn you, don’t take the equation too lightly.

If anybody requires any additional help with the safe code equation, please leave a comment below, I’d be more than happy to elaborate. Also, please leave a comment and rate my thread you cheats! If this guide didn't help then no amount of tips are gonna help unless... you comment and ask
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