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Game Description

Sneak 2 is a completely user content created flash game that's easy to play and flexible to develop content for. The aim of the game is simple, complete any objectives and get to the exit, avoiding security guards/cameras and other devices, whilst maybe collecting important documents, diffusing a bomb, or rescuing a hostage along the way.

The entire game can be played quite simply with the arrow keys, and is designed to be fun whilst reasonably challenging and allowing you to drink a coffee at the same time thanks to the easy controls! However, possibly the best feature of Sneak 2 is its completely user created and ever increasing amount of levels.

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Game Instructions

Where do I start?
To begin using sneak 2, you,ll need to register for a free account here. This will give you access to the OGN forums and all the benefits of being an member. You will then be able to log in to Sneak 2 using your OGN account details.

How do I play Sneak 2?

Well if you've just started, click 'Play a Level, in Sneak 2, and chose a random level, or type in a level number someone's told you. Or use the forums and follow the links posted by developers. You may find other links around the web to Sneak 2 that will load up directly on the player,s level as if it was their own game.

Our only word of advice is to check the link's URL is definitely on before logging in with your OGN account.

What are the controls?

Use the arrow keys, and you can move your player (the green dude) around the level. Watch out for security of course! To pick items up, just move over them. The same goes for diffusing a bomb, or rescuing hostages. At no point should you need to use anything but the arrow keys in-game.

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