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You return home from class to find your slothful, immature and unintelligent roommate attempting to turn your beloved pet goldfish into seafood stir-fry! Stop your mangy roommate from eating your adorable pets!

Game Instructions

Your roommate begins his onslaught of animal cruelty by grabbing a goldfish from your fishbowl and tossing him into a hot skillet. As your goldfish flops around in pain, he becomes hotter and hotter and more red in color. It`s up to you to save him before he becomes so hot that he`s cooked to a crisp! Use your mouse to move your hand over the flopping goldfish, then click and hold the mouse button to grab him from the cluthches of certain death. While continuing to hold the mouse button, drag the little guy over the fishbowl and release the button to drop him back into the water. Be careful while handling your goldfish. The hotter the goldfish, the less time you have to drag him to safety before burning your hand! If you happen to get burned, the goldfish you are carrying will fall to the ground and your hand will be temporarily stunned from pain. Don`t let any fallen fish lay around on the ground for too long. They will expire quickly unless you return them to the fishbowl. You roomate won`t give up easily. Each goldfish you save will only cause him to toss another on the skillet in its place. Worse yet, with each 10 goldfish you rescue, you will provoke your roommate to add an additional fish on the skillet at the same time. So, the longer you play, the tougher it gets! The faster you save each fish, the more points you are awarded so grab them quickly! You are only allowed to let three goldfish die before your game will end. If you are skilled enough, you can extend this limit by one (up to five) with each 5000 points you earn. That`s all there is to it. Now get movin` and Save Them Goldfish!

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